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Public Education

Most importantly, Senate District 12 needs a stronger voice for public education. My goals for public education have been the same since I came to Nevada. As an educator and union advocate, it is in my nature to help our kids and educators. Progress needs to start in Carson City and Senate District 12 deserves a louder voice for public education. Whether we are discussing chronic underfunding, overcrowded classrooms, the mental health of our educators and students, or the burden of over-testing, Nevada faces no shortage of issues. We need to elect people who have been in the trenches, who have been in front of that classroom, who have been in the crowds protesting. It will take an educator in Senate District 12 to fix our problems. That’s where real change will come from. I currently serve as a Trustee for the Clark County School District, and while challenging, I am doing what I can to make the district a better place for our kids, our students, and our parents. With Senate District 12, we can create actual change and make things better and more efficient from the top down. 

Affordable Housing

Every day, we read about how Nevadans are struggling with housing affordability. With renters being priced out of markets and the dream of owning a home in our community becoming unattainable, we cannot just sit idly by and watch that happen. I support the expansion of affordable housing solutions and programs. This also touches on the issue of a living wage (tied to inflation) so that wages grow along with Nevada’s growing economy. 


Climate change is real and we should act with urgency to address it. Nevada can and should be the at forefront of green energy in this country. There is no reason why Nevada can’t develop its own “Green New Deal” or a similar platform to focus on climate change while creating thousands of good-paying union jobs in the process. 


We all know that access and affordability continue to be major issues associated with healthcare. We all have friends and family who cannot afford needed prescriptions or treatments. In the last legislative session, a Public Option for Nevadans was signed into law. The law will create a new high-quality, more affordable healthcare plan for many Nevadans. That was an important step for our state, which historically ranks near the bottom in terms of investment into health care. Because this plan will take years to fully implement, we need to work to ensure implementation is effective and impactful, so all Nevadans have access to affordable and quality health care promised in the bill. 

Access to health care also means defending against the attacks on reproductive health care. Nevada has been a leader in this area, but we know that every election has consequences for women and their reproductive health care. I will continue to be an ally in protecting our reproductive health care. 

Lisa is Listening!

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As a teacher, you have to be a good listener. I believe that’s what makes a good representative as well; when your community reaches out, you have to be there for them with an open mind. As a Trustee, I know that the community wants someone to listen and I have a track record of not only listening but taking action in response to what was said. Consistency is crucial in any role, but as an elected official, I have been and will continue to be the same person in the Senate that I have been as a Trustee, as a union advocate, and as a teacher. 

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